Youth Empowerment Program

Sponsored by the Southwestern Regional Training Institute

Winter Youth Initiative

Participants will be required to commit to the entire 5-day initiative (December 18-22). The training will be held at 3671 Forni Road in Placerville located in the El Dorado cluster. There is a small fee of $50.00 which includes overnight housing, meals, transportation and training material for all 5 days. Scholarships are available (if needed, indicate in the application below).

Acts of service are more successful if performed as a 'team'. Youth are strongly encouraged to apply as a team of two. It is not necessary for a youth to have embraced the Baha'i Faith in order to participate. This youth initiative is open to all youth who are interested in gaining skills to serve humanity - invite a friend!



Date of Birth:

Experience with the Ruhi Institute Process

1 - Reflections on the Life of the Spirit
2 - The Joy of Teaching
3 - Teaching Children's Classes: Grade 1
4 - Bahá'u'lláh and the Báb
5 - Junior Youth groups
6 - Teaching the Faith
7 - Walking the Path of Service
Acts of Service
Home Visits
Serving as a Children's Class Teacher
Home Visits - Story telling
Serving as an Animator
Teaching Team
Serving as a tutor

No experience with the Ruhi Institute (new to the process):


Each participant will take one of the following courses during the 5 days of the initiative: (Note: Completion of Book 1 - Reflections on the Life of the Spirit is a pre-requisite in order to participate in Ruhi Books 3 or 5):

  • Book 1 - Reflections on the Life of the Spirit
  • Book 3 - Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1
  • Book 5 - Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth


What experience do you have in working with children ages 4-7 and/or junior youth ages 12-14? You may include any experience as a children's class teacher, animator, volunteer work, paid work, or any other relevant experience.

Why are you interested in working with children or junior youth? Do you have an opportunity in mind where you can work with young people but you just want to receive training? Describe this opportunity and your connection to it (neighborhood, school, community center, etc). If you don't have an immediate opportunity, one will be created for you.

What can you contribute to this initiative? What do you hope to gain and learn from this initiative?

What languages can you speak (other than English)?

There will be a small fee of $50. Please check here if you will require a scholarship.

Please add any dietary restrictions and/or any additional comments you would like the Initiative coordinators to be aware of:

One more thing, please type the number 9 in letters:

Thank you for applying to the Winter Youth Initiative! You will receive notification about your application by mid December after all applications are reviewed.

NOTE: If you have any problems with the application, please call the 24-hour technical support phone number: 650-265-7755 and ask for Kevin.